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SCHOOLS and Education

Performances, workshops & teacher training

RoguePlay, Birmingham's Highly Physical Theatre Company make work that captures new narratives through stunning Aerial Circus and Physical Theatre.

Our educational workshops reflect the work we make and aim to inspire, engage and challenge young people, enabling them to achieve new skills that they can apply to their own studies. We provide platforms for teachers and offer follow up teacher packs and teacher training/consultation work focusing on pupil engagement.

We can adapt our workshops to your individual needs, and liaise with you to create bespoke workshops, which not only engage the young people but also work to meet their attainment and achievement objectives.

We are also Arts Award trained and we can offer work experience placements throughout the year.

our workshops

Flying high

Ever wanted to run away with the circus?
Students will work with RoguePlay's trained circus professionals to get their feet off the ground using Static Trapeze, Silks and/or Aerial Hoop Specifically looking at how circus can be used as part of a theatrical experience, participants will gain confidence, co-ordination, problem solving skills, teamwork and respect through learning poses and tricks on the equipment as well as seeing a demonstration by the instructors.

We will visit your school to see if there is appropriate structure for rigging, but don't worry if not as we can always bring in our rig or you can come to us.

Workshops need two facilitators per 15 students with a maximum workshop size of 30.

Contact us to find out more.

Everybody dance

This workshop is great for confidence, co-ordination and flexibility

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