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Michael Standen Trapeze.jpeg


Thursdays @ 6.15-7.15pm 



Trapeze is a horizontal bar with a rope at either end. Trapeze involves mounts, dismounts, dynamic tricks, rolls and static poses, and is one of the most traditional elements of the circus arts. Our trapezes are static and not flying, so you won't be thrown from one trapeze to another! 

Classes focus on building strength, skill and flexibility, as well as transitioning and developing routines as you progress. Classes are open to all levels, introducing newbies to trapeze as well as pushing those with a higher skill level. Trapezes are set at different heights so you can train at the height you feel most comfortable at. 

 Thursdays (open to all) Trapeze is followed by a 1 hour Stretch & Flex class  for just an additional £8. You don't have be a super bendy! Just a will to stretch!

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