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Yoga Practice


£10 / £8 (with trapeze)

Thursday @ 7.30pm-8.30pm

​Contortion classes are open to all those looking to get bendy. You don't need to be a contortionist or to be able to sit on your own head to start! You just need the will get more flexible.

Contortion is a style of stretching, it is a technique, that essentially follows a pattern or a 'routine' if you like. As you become more flexible, you will be shown how to go deeper into the stretch, and if you are already a contortionist and want to be pushed further then you will be shown advanced elements of the stretches to help you always progress. 


Classes focus on building strength, skill and flexibility, so you can be strong as well as flexible. Classes are open to all levels, introducing newbies to contortion as well as pushing those with a higher skill level. You just need to wear something you feel comfortable to stretch in and can be warm. 

Contortion is preceded by a 1 hour trapeze class for just an additional £8 if you fancy a bit of aerial before-hand.

(Book on trapeze and add contortion on check out)

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