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Cost: £10

Aimed at all those 12+, classes are specifically designed for those with autism and/or ADHD. Accommodating a mixed ability group, sessions allow participants to look around the space and get their bearings in order to feel safe before beginning the class. Music is kept at a low level, headphones are welcomed, friends/parents are invited to stay or be in the room, and the training is personalised.


We appreciate everyone has individual needs and so these sessions are designed to accommodate that. With trained, friendly and neurodivergent teachers who understand the needs of the participants. these sessions are for introducing beginners to aerial, and pushing those of an improver/intermediate level.  


Classes will develop skills, strength and flexibility at each individuals own pace, so you can focus on your own journey!

WHAT TO WEAR: Tight fitting clothing that covers the backs of knees as well as a top that covers armpits. 


No zips or jewellery please.

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